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LucaLab Laptop Mat

Have you ever been worried about your overheated laptop? So you got stressed because of the heat surrounding surfaces of the laptop? If that is true, here is a smart mat to cool your precious laptop! LUCALAB’s LAPTOPMAT is a colorful, good-designed mat which is laid down under a laptop to help emission of the heat. 

LAPTOPMAT has four small elevations that look like semi-spheres on each corner so that the laptop would be lifted up from the bottom, thus air cycling can be done more easily.

  • Preventing overheat!
  • Preventing scratches from the desk!
  • Lifting your laptop up like the laptop stand does!

This mat can be applied to 11/13/15 inches laptop.

Brand: LucaLab (Korea)

Award: IF Product Design Award

Product code: Pink: 1158 Gray: 1160 

7,99$CAD 19,99$CAD