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Spo-Tea-Fy Tea Infuser

A true rockstar always finds a way to end up in a pool, usually in his Rolls Royce, Cristal in one hand and his microphone in the other. It must feel brilliant! Unless you hate getting wet. Or you hate champagne. Or both. Well fear not, dear couch idols. With Spo-Tea-Fy you can take your mic for a dunk and not even get a drop on you. The Spo-Tea-Fy infuser is designed to hold just the right quantity of tea leaves. It is very easy to open and close due to its elasticity and, being in silicone, it’s silky smooth to the touch. Spo-Tea-Fy is dishwasher safe, or thanks to its flexible shape, can be easily emptied and handwashed without leaving any residue.

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