Small businesses can contribute for sustainable development?

We say a big YES !!!

My experience with sustainability started when I was a kid, with my mother. We used to take the old magazines and used paper to make recycled paper. There was no recycling in the city, and we did it just to have fun. At the university, during my degree in Food Engineering, we learned in detail the composting process.

At Opuszone, we take seriously the sustainable development. For example, did you know that we reuse cardboard boxes when possible? And we are trying to using less plastic than usual? We also keep our products in stock to reduce the number of orders (and trips) and reduce fuel consumption.

In addition to our direct initiatives, we also offer products made from recycled materials such as the recycled vinyl bowl. A very original idea, the bowl is made from abandoned vinyl record and can be used as a bowl, candy dish or as an organizer where we can put our correspondences, our keys, paper clips, pens, money etc.

Vinyl Bowl Recycled

At Opuszone, we work hard to contribute to a more sustainable future!