Other day I read an interesting article about the importance of marketing for the success of a business. Among the topics, the author said that in the retail we must always be different if we want to add value to customers, "how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?" Asked him.

With this concept in my head, I thought a lot and I commented to my wife "in e-commerce, why it's always the customer who has to trust the merchant and not the other way around? Why clients can’t place the order and after receiving their product, they pay it? Simple like that?! ". "Are you crazy?" Was the only comment from my wife.

Before Christmas 2014 I decided to test my "crazy" strategy, though. I put in the checkout page of the website, the "Pay after delivery» [without informing my wife, ops].

The results of this experiment was not beneficial, 5% of customers didn’t pay their bill after receiving their order. After sending the first payment request, no one paid the bill. Only after sending a last call letter, most customers have paid their debt. Two customers disappeared!

Anyway, with all this, I learned two things:

1) In the business world, being different is not always advantageous.

2) I need to listen more to the opinions my wife!!!