Where our logo comes from?

The logo is the easiest way to identify a brand. In other words, the logo visually reflects the personality of the brand.

As we know, retail is very competitive and a well-made logo can help the company stand out and convey professionalism and credibility.

We at Opuszone, did not pay for a specialized agency to develop our logo. When you start a business, you must prioritize your spending and protect budget to make items prices as competitive as possible. Using a little design knowledge, it was myself the creator of the logo Opuszone.com.

My inspiration: my soccer team in Brazil, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Our passion for soccer in Brazil is amazing. My passion for Botafogo goes beyond that.

The colors that represent the club Botafogo are black and white. And in his shield, a single star.

Standing in my project, I knew that the Opuszone’s logo would have a lone star. This represents for me a passion for something that makes my heart beat faster and my blood boil ... Just as it is now my passion for entrepreneurship!

Soon we will redesign the logo. Now with a more modernist approach and linked to the world of design and creative ideas (with a bulb, cloud with text, a head etc). However, the lone star will always be there!