This year will be my first Mother's Day as a mom!!!

My son, Nicolas, was born in December 2014! Think of someone really happy and proud ... It's me! As I wrote on my Facebook page: "Me, loving the life as I do, I can say that what was already good got even better! »

My husband asked me not to let this day go unnoticed (perfect! I like the idea!) ... However, I don’t want to spend much money ... And I don’t want to fall into the ordinary...

So ... Any original and creative gift ideas? I just share with you my favorites...

Pyropet Kisa Candle and Pyropet Bibi Candle

One idea that has emerged in the project "Kick starter", the Pyropet Kisa candle was designed in Iceland. In cat form, while the fire is burning, a metal skeleton appears. At the end of the candle, there is a very cute decorative object!

Kisa is available in gray and pink colors.

Pyropet Bibi candle

Bibi candle is the project that followed Kisa Candle.

A little smaller and delicate than Kisa, Bibi, the bird, is available in yellow!

Opuszone was the first to import to Canada.

Buy fast! We do not have a lot of units!

SpreadThat! Heating butter knife

Spreadthat heating butter knife

A fantastic idea, Spreadthat heating butter knife heats without using electricity! Besides being a beautiful knife, Spreadthat is a clever creation, stylish and environmentally friendly.

Cucu Alarm Clock

Cucu alarm clock

The originality of this digital alarm clock is when it rings, the doors open and the bird sings! Mom will love it!